Our product.

• Full featured Windows based medical practice management application.

• The application is designed to be private labeled by distributing member.

• Customizable by the distributing member to meet regional and/or client specific needs without inhibiting the ability to incorporate on-going HTA provided updates to the application core. Deployable either on a local server or over ASP (hosted) infrastructure.

• HTA supported HL7 interfaces to over a dozen electronic medical records applications.

• Additional HTA supported interfaces to other third-party products including labs, reminder systems, prescribing applications and document management systems.

• Seamless integration with Microsoft Office for creation and generation of Encounter Forms, Registration Profiles, correspondence, and clinical documentation such as transcription.

• Processes HIPAA-compliant EDI transactions including electronic claims, remittances and eligibility. Transmission either through select clearinghouses, or direct to payers.

• Supports multiple databases (accounts) per installation with the ability to share tables as appropriate between databases. .

• User driven query capability allows for the extraction of data from within the application and integrated export to Microsoft Excel.

• Information is easily accessible from any screen, at any time using simple short cut keys, and can be quickly and efficiently entered using our “Smart Enter Key” feature.

• Adherence to HIPAA security guidelines; including a unique user set-up to control privileges, data encryption, logging and auditing 

• And much more ……


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