What we do.

The Healthcare Technology Alliance is a group of well-established, practice management companies providing solutions to physicians throughout the United States. A guiding principal of all of these companies is that the client is best served by a regional company that understands their unique needs.

Alliance Concepts

These independent practice management companies have combined forces to form an alliance for the purpose of sharing in the design and support of a common, but extraordinarily flexible, software product. The Alliance Practice Manager is privately branded and locally supported by its member companies.

Importantly, the Alliance Practice Management system (APM) is designed so regional modules can be seamlessly attached to the product "core" to support local requirements.

In the event that an individual member's needs diverge from those of HTA, that member has the right to the current source code so they can continue with their own, independent, development. This arrangement gives members assurance that their investment in the alliance always meets their needs. It also gives assurance to clients, that in the event that their respective software vendor were to leave the business, other companies exist in the country that could assist in their support.

Alliance Technology

APM has been designed by a team of nearly a dozen members, all of whom have over ten years experience providing software solutions for independent physicians and other healthcare providers. It is programmed using Microsoft's .NET® environment, the latest technology from Microsoft. The product is designed to support multiple database platforms and is scalable to run on everything from stand-alone computers for small practices to large, heavily loaded networks. It is currently deployed in practices across the country, in virually every specialty and serves clients ranging from solo-practitioners to substantial billing agencies.


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